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The Mayan word Cuxtal means “life.” This reserve is a protected natural area, covering 10,757 hectares. It is made up of nine police stations belonging to Mérida, among them are: Xmatkuil, Molas and Dzoyaxché. An interesting fact is that fifty percent of the water consumed in the city of Mérida comes from the Cuxtal reserve, so without Cuxtal there is no life. Cuntuac is located within the Cuxtal ecological reserve, decreed as such in 1993. The reported biodiversity of the Cuxtal reserve is surprising, in addition to the 242 species of plants, 35 species of mammals, 55 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians and 410 species of invertebrates, no less than 168 species of birds have been recorded.

The conservation of the flora and fauna of this space allows us to protect the aquifers that provide drinking water to a large part of the population of Mérida.

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